Apple Mission Statement 2021 and Apple Vision Statement (An Analysis)

Check here Apple Mission Statement and Apple Vision Statement in detail. Here check the apple mission statement and purpose. This  article gives complete information about the mission, vision, and core values of apple

Apple Inc., based in California, is one of the Top Four tech firms. The company is widely recognized for its innovative solutions over computer software, hardware, electronics, and online services.

After the establishment in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak, the company became a global leader in the entire tech industry. Apple provides high-quality products without creating a revolution in various fields. It focused on quality more than other things from the beginning.

This popularity of Apple depends on its apple mission statement and apple vision statements, highlighting its purpose and motivating force. Moreover, Apple’s mission statement describes the strategies needed to achieve future goals by driving towards its vision.

Apple is especially considered a dynamic company that tries to adjust to the changing world by doing frequent changes in apple’s mission and vision statement over the years. Apple also adopted a few core values that help maintain its constant growth with the apple mission and vision statements towards success.

Just take a look at the Apple Mission Statement and Apple Vision Statement of this company below:

Name  of the company Apple Inc.
Industries served Computer hardware, Computer software, Consumer electronics, Digital distribution


Geographic areas served              Worldwide


Headquarters The U.S.


Current CEO Tim Cook


Revenue $ 156.508 billion (2012)


Profit 41.733 billion (2012)
Employees 72.8

Apple Mission Statement 2021

apple mission statement

The mission and vision statement of Apple Inc. is always exciting and intriguing. These statements are one of the major aspects of this company’s success and became the worthiest businesses in the Globe.

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The company always took a lead role to provide its customers with the best user experience with its incredible innovation through hardware, software, and overall services.

Apple was founded in 1976, and nowadays, it became one of the popular and valuable businesses worldwide. Innovation, quality, and elegant designing are the common business strengths that support the Brand to become one among many. It is identified in the SWOT analysis of Apple Inc.

The Brand ensures the mission and vision statements encourage its employees to be supportive and immersive in their roles. Their honest contribution towards innovation has provided the company longer benefit in the competitive industry.

Apple Inc.’s exclusive business and meticulous growth strategies always help acquire great advantage among the competitors like  Google, Samsung, Dell, Amazon,  Lenovo, IBM, Sony, etc.

The mission statement of Apple Inc. promises its customers to provide the best services as much as possible. Here, the statement also mentioned the best ways to achieve this mission successfully.

The corporation illustrates the range of its initiatives and how it takes advantage of them to fulfill its potential customers’ needs. Apple is very much clear about bringing positive changes more than focusing on the dynamic in the technologies. The basic components that support the mission statement are in the following:

  • Best user experience

Apple Inc. is counted as one of the world’s best tech companies for ensuring its customer’s convenient experience during using their products. Their main priority is to offer user-friendly products, instead of being a form of entertainment.

The security feature implemented in each device of Apple also leads to improving the customer experience. There is no wonder that Apple products are well-designed and built with innovation to meet its last level of detail.

  • Introducing user-friendly experience

Apple’s mission statement’s basic need is to make the lives of its valuable customers smooth and easy by offering user-friendly and simplified technology. In particular, the awareness of security flaws in the online space has led the organization to connect this aspect.

The need for security features enhances the experience of the customers. Along with the best security, the company also extends its services to various sectors such as business, healthcare, education, etc.

  • Source of empowerment

Apple is devoted whole-heartedly towards innovation to fulfill any gap in the technological space. The technology is considered ever-evolving as it is constantly experimenting with innovative ideas. These ideas are responsible for satisfying the evolving needs of its consumers.

That’s why they are more focused on the positive changes and works as a source of empowerment in innovation in technology.

  • Best-quality products

Top-quality products offered by Apple are one of the major aspects of its mission statement.  In all aspects of its products, the company seeks to provide high-quality items. Introducing high-quality hardware, software, and services makes apple a superior company over its industry rivals.

Apple’s vision statement 2021

Apple’s vision statement reflects a promise towards their customers that they always offer great-quality products without changing their words. It means the company has always been committed to its consumers for providing good quality products.

The statement also outlines how the company performs its operations to put itself as the tech field’s worldwide leader. A few of the components that are linked with this statement are the below:

  • Innovation
  • Integration of partners and excellence
  • Market specialization

The first component describes Apple’s technological innovations throughout the Globe. The second component indicates Apple’s consistent plan to keep coming up with excellent products for quite some time.

The company has always been in the first place in innovative technologies by encouraging its employees with the best resources. To make the products more desirable to the customers, Apple mainly focuses on the power of integration. It allows the company to promote itself as the best one among the rest in this competitive era.

Apple is not limited to a fixed geographic location; it had launched more than 500 stores in 25 countries worldwide up to February 2019. It is obvious from their vision that the company aims to cut all the barriers to achieving a nationwide existence.

Apple Core values 2021

Apple adopts a few core values such as “accessibility, inclusion and diversity, environment, education, privacy and supplier responsibility.” Values show Apple’s aspects to achieve success as a technological and innovative pioneer in the world.

Apple is too much sincere about its principles for offering quality-oriented products over two decades. To maintain a similar standard continuously, the company presents important core values with the mission and vision statement.

Apple core values involve:

  • Inclusion and diversity: A wide range of products for people across the Globe. The aim of the products is to grab people from all regions across the globe. They try to satisfy all religions, genders, ethnicity, and cultures.
  • Apple always believes in diversifying its team to speared its products to the masses. The brand believes that success is only possible if you include quality from every corner of the world. Apple is a brand that includes people from all regions to work together. It adds the greatest strength to enhance the brand’s visions and innovation to reach the masses.
  • Education: Offers educational solutions includes learning and teaching solutions. The best thing about the brand is that it also offers social benefits to society.
  • It offers educational solutions and schooling facilities across the United States of America. Apple holds a partnership with ConnectEd and donates
  • educational and schooling products to the student and teachers. They mainly provide charitable services to more than 114 underserved schools. 
  • Accessibility: Providing better accessibility to every customer. The brand f
  • focuses precisely on its product’s design which makes it perfect to use for every individual across the globe.
  • The brand’s first priority is to enhance its technology by implementing the latest innovations for better accessibility of its products. Every innovation includes advantageous benefits for everyone including specially-abled people.
  • It considers all physical limitations and always tries to provide an alternative way to access its products. The brand Apple ensures effective usage with ease.
  • Environment: Introduces eco-friendly products that are safe for both customers and nature.
  • It is true that Apple believes in innovation and the inclusion of the latest technology in its products.
  • However, the brand ensures that all its manufacturing processes are eco-friendly in nature the best thing about the brand is that they promote the usage of recycled products both inside and outside of their products. It reduces the negative effects on the earth’s ecosystem.
  • Supplier Responsibility: Provide a better and secure environment for the employees to work in. Apple manages a great set of suppliers and partners.
  • The areas 100% legit and ensures true quality in their products. There is no chance of compromising the quality of the products.
    Apple also examines that its suppliers and partners meet all requirements which help users to get the best possible products with lot more opportunities.
  • Privacy: Offering the highest protection to the customers to prevent unauthorized access. 
  • Being a world-class technology company Apple holds users ’ sensitive data and information.
  • The brand ensures that every sensitive data is perfectly protected from any infringement as it is a fundamental human right.
  • For better and security enhancement the brand includes face and Touch ID on its devices and products. It helps ins adding an additional layer of protection and makes it very difficult for anyone to perform any unauthorized access.

The business maintains that all of its practices are consistent with its fundamental principles to hold on to its position as a multinational technology leader.

The company certifies that all its operations with its core values are compatible to hold its reputation as a great tech giant over the world.

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