Barnes & Noble Mission Statement and Vision Statement

Here are Barnes & Noble mission Statement and Barnes & Noble vision statement for 2021. What the company expresses through its mission and vision statement is described in the following:

The company Barnes and Noble was founded in 1873 while Charles Barnes started a business from his home. He operated his business first from his home. After some time, his son captured the trade of selling books,

Finally, Barnes joined the partnership with his family friend Gilbert Noble to pursue this venture.

In the 1990s, along with the other bookstores, Barnes and Noble passed through a number of bankruptcy cases and mergers. But they put immense and extensive effort to establish the company as one of the greatest companies in the bookseller industry in the United States.

It operates now more than 620 retail stores across the United States. It is headquartered on Fifth Avenue of New York City.

Barnes & Noble is now considered a Fortune 1000 company. The company also developed its features to make online selling available and accessible to every customer in the entire U.S.A.

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The online access to books and information has updated the shopping format of this bookstore completely.

To develop their business and get a successful result for long-term growth, Barnes & Noble always focuses on the mission and vision statement of their corporation.

Barnes & Noble is proof that showcases how powerful mission and vision statements could be.

If the mission and vision statement agree with a company’s corporate plan and marketing strategies, it will bring success obviously. Barnes & Noble is so much care with this business operation.

For more than a century, Barnes & Noble has experienced the ups and downs of time with constantly changing market conditions.

However, because of the reliability of its mission and vision statements, it has gained popularity, importance, and remarkable success at the very highest level.

They consider it their mission to keep a wide range of books on their shelves and be consistent. Barnes & Noble had the intention to make it their main priority to be the best they can be, in spite of their rivals.


Name of the company Barnes & Noble
Industries served Publishing and retail of books
Geographic areas served America
Headquarters 122 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10011
Current CEO James Daunt
Revenue 355.2 crores USD


Barnes & Noble’s Mission statement 2021

Barnes & Noble mission statement defines “to operate the best Omni-channel speciality retail business in America, helping both our customers and booksellers reach their aspirations while being a credit to the communities we serve.”

The company is clearer about the influential role of Barnes & Noble through this statement. They showcase that it whole-heartedly acknowledges and welcomes the challenge of not only helping its clients to expand but also other rivals in the sector.

The statement contains these primary components discussed below:

  • “The best omnichannel specialty retail business” implies a step away from selling books, by the brand. This particular section of the statement defines the company makes multiple methods of shopping accessible to consumers while offering a wide range of products.

Barnes & Noble focuses more to provide its services to fulfill the needs of its consumers that will leave an impact upon society. They want to accomplish this achievement by offering their services according to the requirements of the people in the present communities separated by regions and other things.

They respect the demands of their customers and want to provide the best service ever. They always believe in the innovation that would be better for your life.

For this aspect, the company has gained an outlandish reputation throughout the bookselling industry.

  • “Helping both our customers and booksellers” represents intense care and strong support that the company aims to provide towards its customers, employees, and each person who pays a visit to their website or store.


  • “Being a credit to the communities we serve” is a clear indication of the company or brand to be socially responsible and helpful to their customers. Wherever they do business, positive corporate citizenship will be maintained by the company for the enhancement of the community


  • “In America” specified in the mission statement refers to a strong desire not to be a global brand without reducing the chances that an e-commerce platform presents.


The company is also very much concerned to provide quality services and products to its customers. Through the mission statement, Barnes & Noble states that it aims to open people’s eyes and enhance knowledge, truth, and awareness through its books, video, and music selling. They want to provide the best to the readers whenever possible.

What makes a difference about the company is the strategy that the brand is following to runs its business smoothly. For example, Barnes & Noble is considered to provide a rigorous vetting process for every book to assure that it sells only the best to its buyers. In this manner, it satisfies the second aspect of the statement also.

In fact, Barnes & Noble is engaged in various activities that represent its community-relatedness. kids’ clubs and book fairs are some of the events that are organized with the intention of inspiring individuals, wherever Barnes & Noble work.

Barnes & Noble’s Vision statement 2021

A corporate vision statement mainly defines the position of a business in the future, whereas a corporate mission statement finds out and applies the strategies that will help to make the defined future a reality.

Barnes & Noble’s mission and vision statement are both all about empowerment and leadership and how to utilize it to help those with whom the organization communicates.

Barnes & Noble does not issue its vision statement on its website. Instead of mentioning its vision statement, you will find a little description on the ‘about us page of this company.

It defines that it “strives to be more than a conventional bookselling corporation to a dynamic and easy to use the store for everyone.”

Currently, Barnes and Noble are owned by the Elliott Management Corporation. This investment management firm works especially for everyone for getting the service easily and without any issue.

This vision statement is a true demonstration of the company’s willingness to be an essential part of each community. Each year, Barnes and Noble organize more than 100,000 local events, also the national-level celebrations like the LEGO® build events.

The component of aiming to become more than a “conventional bookselling corporation” represents more emphasis on offering electronic shopping options to their customers. Customers can use the online option to find eBooks, easily buy the hardcover or softcover titles, and self-publish novels by using NOOK®.

There is no surprise element that why the business model of this company is so growing and intensifying. It implements unique techniques of spreading out its services to its clients including the ability of electronic options that would be fit with the contemporary technological era.

It reflects why it is listed as the number 1 respectable retailer in the entire nation.

Core Values of Barnes and Noble 2021

Due to having the personal nature of its business operations, Barnes & Noble pursues a set of seven core values. It assures that everybody acts and works according to these morals.

In reality, this is a strategy that has helped the organization to continuously pursue its statements of mission and vision.

The core values that the company focuses on are in the following:

  • Customer Service
  • Quality
  • Empathy
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork

Barnes & Noble emphasizes more the core values of empathy, respect, integrity, responsibility. These four crucial key components allow better customer service while each purchase promotes a personalized approach to each transaction.

The brand intends to establish it as a world-class experience, even though a customer just visits the café without purchasing a book.

It was important for this company to operate on these principles to maintain its position as the best player in the bookselling industry, and to become more popular since 1886.

Therefore, these core values have been influential in the case of the development of a culture that best suits the business sector. It has gained tremendous popularity through books, music, and video lovers across the United States.

It clearly indicates the goal to provide each customer with the best resource by fulfilling and reaching their desired achievement. So, it directly supports the vision statement of the company.

Therefore, Nowadays Barnes and Noble feature more than fiction or non-fiction books.

In 2016, this set of core values enabled Barnes and Noble to be recognized as one of the most powerful retain brands by Tenet Partners.

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