BMW Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

BMW Mission Statement 2021 BMW Vision Statement 2021

The article will give you an outline of the popular German motor vehicle company BMW and its basic information on the BMW mission vision statement, and core values.

Just take a look at how the BMW mission and vision statement analysis helps the company to dominate the motor vehicle industry on a global basis.

BMW is the short form of a German company, named Bayerische Motoren Werke AG or Aktiengesellschaft. Headquartered in Munich, the company was started its business first in 1916 as Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG. Later, they did some changes and renamed the company name to Bayerische Motoren Werke in 1922, which remains the same from that day.

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From the year of 1990s, the German company has been manufacturing engines, motorcycles, heavy equipment, railway brakes, etc. The first motorcycle produced by this company in 1923 and was BMW R 32.

The company has a great history behind its success. Nowadays, it is producing motor vehicles in many countries such as India, China, South Africa, Mexico, the US, UK as well as in popular cities like Brazil, Germany, etc.

What is so special about their Mission and Vision statement?

The high-class quality products offered by this company are associated with its valuable mission and vision statements. That is why it is really essential to analyze both statements and core values in detail.

The mission and vision statement by BMW clearly explains itself as a powerful and change-oriented leading company in the world for promoting innovative ways of developing towards a better future.

They especially gave priority to the exceptional designs to focus more on the customer’s demands as well as to hold the top position in the entire automobile manufacturing industry in terms of excellence.

However, the mission and vision statement of BMW is widely valued and praised throughout the modern world to create an example of consistent growth and dedication to its work!

All the great achievements done by BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG) were actually inspired by the strength of its mission and vision statements.

A corporate vision statement mainly outlines the strategic growth of an organization and as a result, it helps to set a basic goal for the company.  BMW’s vision statement reveals that the company is all about dominance in the entire vehicle manufacturing industry.

Besides, a mission statement of a company describes the effective strategies that the management considers necessary to enhance the overall growth and advancement of an organization towards its goal.

Whereas BMW declares in its vision statement that how much they are committed to making the mobility of its customers unforgettable and impressed through the excellent design of the products and automobiles.

Here, BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG) emphasizes using the most effective ways of enhancing the service of its customers.

Name of the company Bayerische Motoren Werke AG or Aktiengesellschaft (BMW)
Industries served Automotive manufacturer
Geographic areas served Worldwide
Headquarters Munich, Germany
Current CEO Harald Kruger
Revenue 10,421 crores EUR

BMW Mission Statement 2021

“to become the world’s leading provider of premium products and premium services for individual mobility.”

BMW’s mission is to offer consumers with best premium products and services in the field of the personal automobile. With the above statements, the brand BMW showcases its ambitious goals to transform ordinary products into the best satisfactory products.

Apart from that, the company goes much beyond its limits to meet every individual need in offering luxurious first-class cars. The innovative and precise work approach describes why this German brand holds the best reputation and top position across the globe.

The mission statement relates some features given below:

  • Improvising Communities

The enthusiastic objectives of BMW, which include the advancement of a business for both society and humanity in view, reveal how committed this business is.

BMW is undetachable from people in whatever it does mostly from designing vehicles supported by the consumers with respect and admiration.  All their research communicates with the surrounding environment.

The brand also participates in cultural and fundraising events to incorporate into the collective well-being of the community. Its presence in the development of sports around the world is merely a glimpse of the dynamic influences of BMW.

While developing communities, BMW also guarantees that all of its manufacturing operations and goods are environmentally safe.

  • Improving Lives

To fulfill every single objective of the mission statement the brand BMW as an organization always believes in considering the expectations of its consumers. The firm mainly focuses on producing user-centric products to meet all their needs and comfort.

For example – The BMW cars emerge with innovative technology and it makes the lives of their users equally convenient and interesting. Most of these include superb interior design and fantastic output.

BMW also believes that all the innovative features and characteristics portray the lifestyle of their customers.

  • Global Reach

Because of its focus on consistency, BMW has steadily developed into a global company. Moreover, there is no wonder that it becomes one of the renowned companies that could be heard in every household.

The company has expanded its overall operation almost in all the countries. The best and unique feature that makes BMW, a global reach company is it really understands complicated regional business strategies. It is the main reason to get stability in the entire global market. 

BMW Vision Statement 2021

“to be the most successful premium manufacturer in the industry.”

BMW’s vision is to be the most luxurious and premium automotive manufacturer in the world. The statement sets an indicator to showcase the growth of the organization in the forward direction.

It is fair to believe that the company’s vision of being a “premium manufacturer” reflects its mission statement. It is surprising to note that the vision statement is simple for the company and the policies are well-focused.

In addition, with that kind of uniformity, BMW can confirm its supremacy and role in the automotive production field.

The statement of vision reveals which BMW is indeed the following:

  • To be the most successful brand

To be at the highest level as being the most powerful in the world, BMW guarantees that it proceeds to develop in ambitious development initiatives.  It seems to do the above by introducing advancements as its first primary focus.

BMW always finds its ways to be at least a step ahead of its rivals. They mainly focus on delivering the masses with the best features and facilitates in the field of automobiles.

Observing the possibilities is practically what BMW is doing well, and somehow this describes the variations in the durability of its goods.

In reality, they made it possible for the business to establish a passionate business segment thereby gaining the name as one of the most revolutionary and dynamic manufacturing company.

  • Premium and luxurious manufacturer

The next aspect of BMW’s stated vision underscores the leadership responsibilities taken by the group. It reveals that BMW is no longer involved in competing with other automotive and motorbike manufacturers.

Alternatively, the organization establishes the tempo with the others, as well as the utilization of the new technology.

BMW’s Core Values

Every Global reach company has some core values to be mentioned. BMW has also its core values and they are Responsibility, Appreciation, Transparency, Trust, Openness. BMW’s current core values are consistent with the aspirations of the company’s founders.

Notably, nothing about being a premium is stated in BMW’s core values. Though the company offers a great service and are passionate about their services. They have shifted their business model from early aircraft design to cars, motorcycles as the company followed these core values.

Responsibility: We make clear decisions and personally stick to them. This helps employees to work more openly and efficiently.

Appreciation:  We focus on our decisions, respect one another, provide constructive feedback, and celebrate achievement.

Transparency:  We consider and address concerns while also identifying discrepancies in a positive manner. We operate with honesty.

Trust: We believe and depend on one another. This is important if we are to work fast and accomplish our objectives.

Openness:  We are rejuvenated by advancement and progress and eager to pursue new possibilities. We like to figure out our mistakes that we can learn our flaws from them. You can say, we benefit from our mistakes.

Transparency and openness are the two important characteristics of a successful organizational culture. Companies that are flexible and comprehensive aim to attract expertise, which is something that all businesses look for.

Although, “Appreciation” is a great value that helps the employees of a workplace get motivated all the time. It is the recognition that they want to achieve and as a result, BMW is able to preserve its global reputation in the market.

BMW also highlights the difference that arises as the organization adheres to relevant standards and interacts with other bodies including the authorities. In that manner, it is able to make trust and encourages sharing of ideas that resulting in limitless development.


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