Explaining Chevron Mission and Vision Statement 2021 (An Analysis)

Chevron Mission And Vision Statement: Chevron is a renowned oil and gas company with a considerable market share in the United States and worldwide. Since 1879, the firm has been defined by its real vision of creativity, determination, and toughness.

Chevron revealed earnings 26.9 of US$ billion for the financial year 2011, with yearly revenue of US$ billion, a 23.3 percent growth over the preceding financial cycle.  Chevron’s stock traded at more than $105 per share, with a market valuation of more than US$240 billion.

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Chevron currently ranks 13th on the Fortune 500 list of the world’s biggest companies in the United States by overall revenue in 2018.

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Chevron’s administrative headquarters are in San Ramon, California, on a 92-acre property. The business relocated there in 2002 out of its previous headquarters at 555 Market Street in San Francisco, California, where it previously remained well since its founding in 1879.

In this explanation we will cover, Chevron’s vision statement aims at developing a worldwide known brand. The mission statement, on the other hand, focuses on the practicalities that Chevron employs to improve business and get forward towards its goal.

Overview of the Chevron Corporation Company

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In September 1879, Charles N. Felton, Lloyd Tevis, George Loomis, and many others formed the Pacific Coast Oil Company, which bought the properties of Star Oil for $1 million.

Pacific Coast Oil had become the leading energy business in California around the point it was purchased by Standard Oil for approximately $761,000 in 1900.

“Buckskin Joe” established Texas Fuel Limited in Beaumont, Texas in 1901 as a major oil machinery distributor. The founder’s nickname originated from his violent and aggressive personality.

Chevron and Texas Fuel collaborated extensively.  In 1936, it launched a partnership business called Caltex with Californian Guidelines to explore and extract fuel in Saudi Arabia.

Under the Sherman Antitrust Act, the national administration divided Standard Oil into subgroups in 1911. Standard Oil Co. (California) has been one of the elements that moved on to create Chevron. It was one of the “Seven Sisters” that ruled the international oil business in the twentieth century. The business’s name was updated to Standard Oil Co. of California in 1926.

Chevron now owns the Standard Oil property in 16 states mostly in the western as well as the southeastern United States. To preserve proprietorship of the term, the firm owns and runs one Standard-branded Chevron station inside each region of the territory, albeit its condition in Kentucky is unknown after Chevron discontinued store sales in Kentucky in July 2010.

In the 1930s, Chevron began using the brand for several of its consumer goods. From 1946 until 1955, the term Celso was being used in regions other than its original West Coast area.

The merging of Standard Oil of California and Gulf Oil in 1984 was the world’s biggest joint venture in history. Californian Standard liquidated several of Gulf’s business organizations and sold several Gulf terminals and a refinery in the eastern United States to satisfy US restrictive trade practices.

The same year, Standard Oil of California took advantage of the possibility of changing its legitimate identity to Chevron Corporation, despite the fact that it was already using a well-known “Chevron” retailing registered trademark for years.

Chevron confirmed the takeover of Texaco for $45 billion on Oct 15, 2000, becoming the second-largest fuel corporation in the United States as well as the world’s fourth internationally listed oil corporation with a collective valuation of around $95 billion.

Chevron paid $18.4 billion acquiring Unocal Corp in 2005, boosting the industry’s oil and natural gas inventories by nearly 15%. Chevron is now a major provider of geothermal power as a result of Unocal’s vast South Asian Countries’ geothermal activities.

Chevron purchased Atlas Energy Inc. of Pennsylvania in 2011 approximately $3.2 billion in cash as well as an extra $1.1 billion in financial obligations due by Atlas.

Chevron stated in October 2014 that it will sell a 30% stake among its Canadian oil field properties to Kuwait’s government oil enterprise Kuwait Oil Company at $1.5 billion.

Chevron will engage with Marubeni Corporation & WAVE Equity Partners in Carbon Cleaning Technologies, a business that delivers modular carbon-capturing machinery across the gas field as well as other industrial plants, in February 2020.

Chevron declared staff cutbacks of 10–15 percent due to the COVID-19 disease outbreak and also the 2020 Russia–Saudi Arabia fuel pricing battle.

Chevron confirmed the acquisition of Noble Energy around $5 billion dated July 20, 2020.

Name of the Company Chevron – The Human Energy Company
Industry Served Oil and Natural Gas
Geography areas served United States, Gulf of Mexico, Offshore Western Australia, West Africa, Canada and Argentina
Headquarters San Ramon, California
Current CEO Michael Wirth
Revenue 146.5 billion USD

Significance of the Mission & Vision Statement Of Chevron

Being a brand mankind Chevron serves clean and true results of expectation. It works effectively to communicate with communities and society for their better life and living standard.

The organization fosters trust by maintaining its promises, creating an environment where everyone feels encouraged, and working closely across limits in high-performing groups.

The principles of the firm help in enhancing competitiveness, we establish ourselves by offering and obtaining responses and taking calculated challenges.

The brand empowers individuals to consider making choices as well as eliminate obstacles to success.

The Mission Statement Of Chevron

“believe in the power of human ingenuity to lead us to a brighter future.”

Explaining the Mission Statement Of Chevron 

The firm has an excellent business strategy based on two important aspects.

  • Extraordinary services
  • Enhancing people’s lives

Chevron, being a fuel firm, understands the complications of operating a business.  Its long and complex background of producing oil and providing its consumers indicates its determination.

It also has revamped all of its locations to make consumers feel comfortable while accessing all fuel solutions and services.

Chevron’s strongest quality is how it emphasizes humans in all power discussions.  Its acknowledgment of the important roles that because its services participate in people’s daily lives drives it to aspire to continue to stay a source of inexpensive and dependable energy.

The Vision statement of Chevron

“at the heart of The Chevron Way is our vision to be the global energy company most admired for its people, partnership and performance.”

Explaining the Vision Statement Of Chevron

The official vision statement incorporates two main parts namely:

  • The Chevron Way
  • Global Energy

The Chevron approach is really all about humans, their interests, desires, and prospects. In addition, it claims that users are its most valuable asset.  Chevron has continuously remained a worldwide trademark functioning in numerous regions of the world. It also aggressively participates in business societal responsibility in all of these locations. 

Core Values Of The Chevron

The Core Values of the Chevron includes 5 main principles which include:

  • Diversity and Inclusion

The brand learns and admires the language and culture in which they work. It always offers a welcoming workplace that celebrates the individuality and variety of individuals’ abilities, skills, and perspectives.

  • Leading Performance

To produce industry-leading performance, the business nurtures leadership and work as one family. They always raise the standard in terms of responsibility and accomplishments that satisfy the strong requirements of the partners.

  • Partnership

The brand cultivates socially advantageous connections based on integrity.  The business interacts – and collaborates with our stakeholders – to find answers and make innovations that enrich our investors and humanity.

  • People and Environment

The firm strives to be the market leader in quality of life, health, and environmental sustainability. The top prime concern is to safeguard human beings, resources, societies, as well as the natural world.

  • Trust and Integrity

Besides sticking to the strongest and adhering to the highest standards of ethics, the business earns confidence and commitment. The above principles underlying everyone’s cultural heritage and prestige.

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