General Electric(GE) Mission and Vision statement 2021 (An Analysis)

General Electric Mission Statement and General Electric Vision Statement

General Electric(GE) is one of the leading American power generation company across the globe. It is a multinational conglomerate established in New York City and headquartered in Boston, United States of America.

In 2018, the company extends its business through the following segments such as renewable energy, aviation, power, additive manufacturing, digital industry, healthcare, and venture capital, and finance. Its mission and vision statements are highly effective behind the major success of this company.

Here we are going to highlight both these statements and talk about the strategies that how it became so popular and leading company through its mission and vision statements. 

Many People Ask For General Electric Mission Statement And Also Ask For General Electric Vision Statement So Here We Are Going To Discuss About It:

Overview of the company General Electric

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The vision and mission statements of General Electric Company (GE) are aimed to drive the company to the forefront of industrial growth. GE has been in service for over a century, having started its business in 1892 in Boston, it has now expanded into a global company.

It is the 18th largest organization on the Fortune 500 list of the United States. The growth to success has been powered by the mission and vision statement, which has been facilitated by GE’s core values.

A corporate vision statement represents the company’s long-term goals. In GE’s case, the corporate vision demonstrates the organization’s leadership as a digital manufacturing company.

On the other side, an organization’s corporate mission statement should demonstrate the types of activities and techniques that the company implements and would implement. It generally declares the company’s goals as a key influencer of the industrial revolution.

GE’s (General Electric) mission statement reflects the advancement and the development of new technology and systems. Ultimately, GE’s core values relate to the company’s attempts to enhance its mission and vision statements.

Usually, top management teams adopt this mission statement of General Electric company to formulate the best techniques for the different areas of services throughout this organization.

These kinds of powerful approaches provide a general strength to the company to meet the business needs in the different segments of the business.

For instance, GE (General Electric) has the intention to bring development in the field of energy, gas, and oil industries, along with the aviation/aerospace industry. In this way, the company has made a strong and large-scale impact on the other companies in various sectors.

In the case of General Electric company, the mission and vision statements are always related to its current industry situations and market dynamics. It helps to hold its position as one of the biggest conglomerates across the globe.

GE is also very much successful in global medical technology. We allow healthcare providers to make quicker, more accurate predictions via intelligent devices, data analytics, apps, and services powered by our Edison intelligence platform.

With over 100 years of healthcare management experience and about 50,000 staff worldwide, the organization resides at the core of an ecosystem dedicated to personalized medicine, digitizing healthcare, accelerating productivity, and improving results for patients, clinicians, health systems, and researchers globally.

GE (General Electric) healthcare manufactures the products, provides solutions to critical problems and services to their customers need to supply the best patient care possible. Our objective is to be the global innovator of precision medicine, healthcare that is fully automated, deeply customized, and eliminates costs and inefficiencies.

Not only in one sector, but the conglomerate also provides confident and digitally-led solutions in all segments through its operations all over the world. GE (General Electric) empowers their employees to make complex simple and dreams into reality!

Name of the Company General Electric(GE) Company 
Industries Served Conglomerate (Electrical distribution, Aircraft engines, Electric motors, Energy, Health care, Finance, Wind turbines, Software)
Geography areas served Worldwide
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts, US
Current CEO Henry Lawrence “Larry” Culp, Jr.
Revenue 75.62 billion USD 

The Mission Statement of General Electric

GE’s (General Electric) mission statement defines “to invent in the next industrial era and to “build, move, power, and cure the world.” The statement actually reflects General Electric company as a pioneer one and the best initiator in all the segments in which it works, including aviation, healthcare, venture capital, digital niche, and strength, among others. The following are the key points of GE’s statement:

  • Community Improvement
  • Developing innovative industrial era for future
  • To build, move, power, and cure the world
  • Exceeding expectations

The first component of GE’s corporate mission statement outlines the enhancement that people are getting through their development in various fields. To improve communities, GE (General Electric) has made this powerful mission statement. Its aim is to bring out the inventions in various working segments for the betterment of people.

The second component specifies the company’s core commercial operations and the special inventions that they are inventing for the next industrial era. In order to do so, GE assures its continuous evolvement in order to introduce innovative and modern technologies that promote industrial development. This aim has an impact on General Electric Company’s overall strategic approach as well as its intense growth strategies.

The other aspect of the corporate mission expresses the company’s goals for inventing the new industrial era. For example, GE (General Electric) offers excellent operations and innovations to build, move, power, and cure the world.

As a multinational corporation, GE (General Electric) has an impact throughout several industries. Some of the most significant areas in which GE is making its footprint are evolving communities including improvements in healthcare services, advancements in transportation, and financial empowerment.

This component of the corporate mission relates to the products element of General Electric’s marketing mix (4Ps) and reveals that the company operates through different industries including energy, electric, lighting, transportation and aerospace, healthcare, oil, and gas.

To invent the premier digital company in the future, General Electric’s corporate mission and vision statement are strongly relevant to each other.

GE (General Electric) is also highly responsible for developing better schooling systems and communication throughout the world. Moreover, GE works in the mainstream areas and plays a crucial part in the advancement of youths and vulnerable communities.

The corporation also places a high emphasis on environmental protection, implying that there is no end on what it can do.

 The Vision Statement of General Electric

GE’s (General Electric) vision statement describes “to focus on businesses that connect to its core competencies and is a market leader in.” According to this statement, it is fully cleared that GE is completely about leadership. That expresses why the organization prioritizes business that represents its most important aspects.

The vision statement of GE states solutions that are needed to implement successfully to achieve significant outcomes for our clients. The firm serves a broad client base such as aerospace/aviation, oil and gas, transportation, healthcare, power, and electric lighting industries.

GE’s vision statement contains the following components:

  • Focus on businesses for better market
  • Be a Market leader

The first component of the corporate vision statement demonstrates that General Electric aspires to be the premier digital manufacturing company, not just any ordinary digital company. It will help them to get a better market for the continuous growth of their business.

To accomplish and preserve this role, the company keeps adapting to stay away from its rivals. GE (General Electric) incorporates modern and specialized computing technology in its healthcare and aerospace/aviation products.

The second component of the GE’s vision statement describes the desire to be the leader in the whole industry throughout the world. Also, it talks about what General Electric Company intends to do in terms of its products.

The company’s specific goal is to assist customers to bring out vital results. These elements of the corporate vision statement are represented in General Electric’s corporate mission statement, especially in terms of the company’s commitment to industrial growth.

GE’s (General Electric) growth rate demonstrates a company that would not take things for granted. When opportunities come, the company grab them and exploits them to the benefits of its corporation, which has allowed GE to diversify into various sectors.

GE (General Electric) leads from the front by providing the finest, most up-to-date services and solving the most difficult problems. In truth, everywhere it goes in the world, it sets the benchmark.

Core Values Of General Electric

GE (General Electric) core values include

“passion for our customers, meritocracy, growth-driven, every idea count, playing offense, and embracing speed and excellence.”

GE (General Electric) understands the importance of a stable conglomerate in ensuring its sustained growth and progress. To do this, the organization emphasizes an internal culture of appreciation for others and a winning spirit through its core values.

GE’s (General Electric) core values encourage inventing the future of industry. GE’s devoted team, cutting-edge technologies, global scope, and skills enable the world to operate more effectively, precisely, and safely.

General Electric’s corporate mission and vision statements are precise and to-the-point along with its core values. These statements broadly indicate what the organization does, while also offering innovative ideas on how the company can achieve its vision.

GE’s corporate mission and vision statements meet the perfect conventions because it is both concrete and abstract enough to cover the whole enterprise and its activities as a digital industrial business.

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