Honda Mission Statement 2021

Here is Honda’s mission statement and honda vision statement for 2021. What Honda says its vision and mission statement explained here.

The Honda Motor Company, Ltd. is a Japanese public multinational manufacturer having its headquarters in Minato, Tokyo, Japan, with automobiles, motorcycles, and power equipment.

Honda is always trying something innovative and has its confident attitude. Honda releases its mission and vision statement to let the world know how it sees the world and its target.

Since 1959, Honda is the largest manufacturer of motorcycles. In the year 2019, it has reached the production of 400 million motorcycles. Being a big vision Honda mission and vision statement has made the expectations higher.

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The big vision world’s eighth-largest automobile manufacturer was Honda in the year 2015. Dedicated to its vision statement, Honda doesn’t just produce motorcycles but a lot more to see there.

Apart from the core motorcycle and automobile businesses, Honda manufactures Marine engines, garden equipment, power generators, personal watercraft, and other products.

Honda’s mission statement shows that Honda focuses on innovation and research. Since 1986, Honda began with artificial intelligence and robotics research and launched their ASIMO robot in 2000. They also have into the aerospace world with the production of GE Honda Aero Engines in 2004, and again in 2012, the Honda HA-420 Honda Jet began to produce.

Honda’s vision and mission clear that Honda always promotes research and innovation. Honda invested about 5.7% of its revenues in research and development in 2013.

Name  of the company Honda Motor Company, Ltd.
Industries served automobiles, motorcycles, and power equipment
Geographic areas served Worldwide
Headquarters Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Current CEO Takahiro Hachigo
Revenue 105.1 billion USD


Here are Honda’s mission and vision statements, which are given by Honda manufacturing ltd.

Honda mission statement 2021

Honda’s mission statement is Quite confident and satisfactory to customers. Honda’s mission statement has been showing its dedication to customers and the supply of the product.

Honda is producing and earning billions of revenues for years. The company has grown very rapidly and became the largest manufactures of motorcycles in the world. The service that they give has been the reason for the growth.

Honda mission statement 2021 states that “maintaining a global viewpoint, Honda is dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality, yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction.”

The statement itself a stamp of dedication and respect towards users. The statement has focused on supply, quality, and affordability. So, Honda can break this statement into the 3 main points.

  1. Dedication in supplying the products
  2. Highest quality products
  3. Reasonable price of worldwide customer satisfaction

All the points explain themselves in headings.  By this honda mission statement, Honda is assuring customer satisfaction and about the quality of the product.

  1. Dedication to the supply of products

As being a multinational manufacturer, Honda believes that there should be one product ready for everyone who wants it. There should be no shortage or delay in the supply of the product.

Honda has revolutionized the design and models of automobiles and other power equipment through the new research and inventions it has been gradually growing through the years. This shows the dedicated supply of manufactured products will be the mission of Honda.

  1. Highest quality products

Quality is the thing that matters for customers and users. This makes the brand and its value. The Honda manufacturing company has also raised the quality bar of products by considering its aesthetic appeal and safety. The mission of Honda is to have 0 collision vehicles till 2040.

  1. Reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction

With the highest quality products, Honda wants its customers to be satisfied with the reasonable prices. This mission of Honda makes a bond with the customers, and that’s why it is gaining the attention of customers and getting rollover.

Some of the future missions of Honda are

  • 7 continents are running Honda equipment or vehicles. Yes, even Antarctica.
  • 50% of CO2 emissions will be further cut from its products by 2050.
  • 0 vehicle collisions starting with the model year 2040 vehicles — its most momentous dream yet.

What is Honda Vision Statement 2021? Explained below

Here is Honda’s vision statement 2021 that makes the industry work for the future. Honda’s vision statement is interesting and focusing on the issues. Honda updates its vision statement from time to time to achieve the next goals.

Honda’s vision statement is “to serve people worldwide with the joy of expanding their life’s potential – Lead the advancement of mobility and enable people everywhere in the world to improve their daily lives.”

Honda’s vision statement gave another layer of assurance to the users and explained how Honda would grow throughout the future. So, the meaning in the vision statement can be understood by breaking the statement into two parts, which are

  1. Lead in mobility advancements
  2. Global reach
  3. Leading in mobility advances

Moving to the advanced technologies and mobility Honda makes customers more curious about the future. Here, Honda assures the customers to expand their joy of life’s potential by moving to the next mobility advancement level.

Honda shows its power by investing in innovation in large amounts to always give customers something new to bring value to the market. Honda ensures that all its products maintain specific environmental sustainability criteria, safety, as Honda is as other features.

  1. Global reach

In the vision statement, Honda promises to expand itself in the world and reach every customer. Being a Japanese company, Honda still has reached the whole world in their regional languages with regional needs. It has a quick service in the small areas too. Honda says that it will expand more and reach new customers with a maximum number of services and grow globally. The vision of Honda is still impressive, and they started it too.

To quickly respond and overcome rapid changes in the business environment, Honda sets the way and takes the next and establishes it as its vision.

Honda will become more than 100 years old by 2050, and Honda wants to exist till then and more. Honda has released its vision statement for 2030 too. The Honda vision statement 2030 is more impressive and powerful.

Honda vision 2030

2030 Vision Statement of Honda focuses on many topics. Honda first clarified the two key points of the Vision statement 2030: the “Universal Passion of Honda” and the “Strengths of Honda.”

  1. Universal Passion of Honda

The universal passion of Honda involves value proposition and Corporate attitude. The Honda vision statement 2030 is broader.

  • Value proposition:

Honda promises to provide the highest quality products and services to expand people’s dreams and life potential by double.

  • Corporate attitude:

Honda’s approach is to take on new challenges while getting driven by a big passion for realizing its value proposition.

  1. Strengths of Honda

Honda explained its strengths later in the vision statement with the old and new strengths.

  • Existing strengths of Honda:

Honda has Strength in the manufacture of a broad range of products, including automobiles, power products, and motorcycles. Honda has Strength in earning 28 million customers per annum in global markets around the world.

With the addition of existing strengths, Honda’s vision is to add more strength to expand globally and reaching its maximum number of customers. The new strengths explained by Honda are as follows.

  • New strengths:

Honda’s ability to create solutions, which includes making things and creating new experiences through brand storytelling about the art of making new things.

Business Viewpoint to Focus on

Moving next in vision, Honda focuses on some business points that have to be implemented in the future. The basic vision is clear, and for that, Honda has a vision about business viewpoints too.

  1. Inter-regional coordination and collaboration
  2. Strengthening the foundation of existing businesses
  3. Corporate Attitude

Business Viewpoint to Focus on

For accomplishing its Vision, Honda will transform and evolve in its existing businesses and create a new brand value through the perfect use of finite corporate resources. Honda identified three areas on which Honda will focus, and Honda will utilize its corporate resources efficiently and strengthen its business foundation.

  1. Inter-regional coordination and collaboration

Apart from the above viewpoint, Honda will focus and improve its inter-regional coordination and collaboration and increase its deals from a global perspective.

In business viewpoints focusing on inter-regional coordination and collaboration, Honda will grow its global models stronger so that the global models will be received anywhere in the world from Honda.

As for regional models of Honda, with consideration of customers’ needs in each region, multiple regions with similar customer needs will work together from Honda to realize common regional Honda models with a high level of product strength. Through this new initiative, Honda will strive to get more efficient business operations in each region.

  1. Strengthening the foundation of existing businesses

Honda will strengthen its business foundation and ensure sustainable operations, especially with its automobile business, to solidify existing businesses.

  1. Corporate Attitude

To fulfill its2030 Vision, Honda will set the corporate attitude to “pursue growth through the pursuit of quality.” Honda will increase the quality of Honda products and services. Simultaneously, Honda will improve the quality of its corporate activities, which Honda will carry out based on the strong principle that Honda wants to please its customers.

That was Honda’s mission and vision statement 2021 and its importance.

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