Johnson & Johnson Mission and Vision Statement 2021 (An Analysis)

Johnson & Johnson Mission Statement: Here is an analysis of Johnson & Johnson’s Mission and Vision Statements 2021. Just take a closer look at how these statements play an important role to make the pharmaceutical company the largest conglomerate throughout the world. Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is a global conglomerate, based in America. It was first created in 1886 which specially manufactures medical equipment, medicines, and consumer packaged products.

Many Want To Know About Johnson & Johnson Mission Statement And Johnson & Johnson Vision Statement So We Are Going To Cover These Topics in This Article.

Johnson & Johnson is one of the most significant firms in the world which possesses a top credit rating of AAA. It is one of just two U.S.-based firms which is higher than the US Government. Its common shares are components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The firm ranks 37th on the 2018 Fortune 500 ranking of the biggest firms in the United States by total revenue.

It is headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States. The firm has around 250 subsidiary firms with activities in 60 countries and products marketed in more than 175 countries. The consumer division is housed at Skillman, New Jersey in the United States.

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Johnson & Johnson’s brands contain various well-known pharmaceuticals and first-aid products. Johnson’s Baby products, Band-Aid Brand bandages, Neutrogena skin, and beauty products, Tylenol medications, Acuvue contact lenses, and Clean & Clear face cleanser are some of its popular and widely used consumer products.

Johnson & Johnson’s mission and vision statements both highlight the company’s concern and empathy for people. As a pharmaceutical and medical supply firm, Johnson and Johnson plays an important role.

The precise and straightforward mission and vision statement of Johnson & Johnson demonstrate the company’s robustness and concern for people. These well-defined statements work efficiently behind the great achievement of the company throughout the world.

Overview of the Company Johnson & Johnson

johnson and johnson mission statement

Johnson and Johnson is now one of the largest American multinational companies across the globe, however, the journey was started through a little initiation and lots of expectation.

Robert Wood Johnson completed his professional training as a pharmaceutical apprentice and in 1873, he co-founded his own firm with George Seabury. Seabury & Johnson, located in New York, became well-known for its medicinal plasters.

In 1885, Johnson and his business partner, Seabury, decided to part their ways. In 1886, Robert Wood Johnson partnered with his brothers, James Wood Johnson and Edward Mead Johnson, to develop a line of fully prepared sterile surgical dressings.

In 1886, Johnson & Johnson was formed with only 14 people, eight of them were females and six of them were males. They started to manufacture sterilized surgical supplies, household commodities, and medical manuals.

These items once included a logo that imitated James Wood Johnson’s signature, which is extremely close to the present logo. Robert Wood Johnson was the company’s first president.

In their earliest time, the company was well-known for manufacturing its pharmaceutical plasters including Johnson & Johnson’s Black Perfect Taffeta Court Plaster and the world’s first sterile surgical items, such as absorbent cotton, sutures, and gauze.

Also, the company released a guidebook on how to do sterile surgery using their products. After that, the company started to expand its business in many divisions and succeeded through strong determination and well-defined corporate statements.

Presently, the firm has risen to the top 20 on Fortune’s list of the world’s most admired corporations.

The company’s reputation and trade empire developed over time and now the corporation has over 250 subsidiaries (such as Janssen Biotech, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Tibotec, Crucell, Actelion, Cilag, Ethicon Inc., Synthes, DePuy Synthes, Mentor, Acclarent, Johnson & Johnson Vision, McNeil Consumer Healthcare) in 60 countries and sells products in over 175 countries.

The assets of the corporation are evaluated at 170.69 billion USD (2020) and are even increasing.

Apart from pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson’s infant goods, as well as Neutrogena skin and cosmetic products, are immensely popular among customers.

Now, the organization is working on how to develop every step of its supply chain more environmentally sustainable.

Name of the Company Johnson & Johnson (J&J)
Founded In January 1886
Founder Robert Wood Johnson I

Edward Mead Johnson

James Wood Johnson

Industry Served Medical Equipment


Consumer healthcare Service

Geography areas served Worldwide
Headquarters New Brunswick, New Jersey, U.S.

One Johnson & Johnson Plaza

Current CEO Alex Gorsky
Revenue US$82.584 billion (as of 2020)
Total No. of Employees 132,200 (as of 2019)

Significance of the Mission and Vision Statement Of Johnson & Johnson’s

Johnson & Johnson is a renowned healthcare-based corporation that has proved its dedication and concern for improving health for every people, regardless of geographic or other obstacles.

The popular American firm was founded by three of Johnson’s brothers in 1886 to manufacture surgical dressings.

Since that day, the firm has grown and extended its range of healthcare items that it used to manufacture. Its success over the past 130 years has been assisted by its mission and vision statements that provide the organization with a precious path of development.

The vision statement of a corporate is generally a tool for defining a company’s future. That’s why, Johnson & Johnson’s vision statement is about the company’s willingness to lead the rest of mankind in changing the world’s health.

On the other side, a mission statement of a corporation discusses about the techniques that will propel a firm toward its goal.

Johnson & Johnson’s mission statement is to encourage and integrate the efforts of all inspired persons across the world to adopt the Johnson & Johnson agenda of influencing the world via developmental actions.

This company’s mission and vision statements have witnessed its expansion from a small local business to a worldwide firm and also placed 37th on the Fortune 500 list, with subsidiaries in medical equipment, consumer healthcare, and pharmaceuticals.

In addition to their contribution to the company’s success, Johnson & Johnson corporation maintains a number of core values that influence its operations. As a result, they operate in harmony with the mission and vision statements to propel Johnson & Johnson’s entire advancement over the world.

The Mission Statement Of Johnson & Johnson’s

The mission statement of Johnson & Johnson is “our credo stems from a belief that consumers, employees and the community are all equally important.”

Analysis of Mission Statement

The mission statement is referred to as “Credo.” which focuses on the ideas and aspirations that influence one’s actions. The inclusion of this word in the mission statement demonstrates that Johnson & Johnson’s operations, activities, and supplies are all inspired by their ideology.

The “credo” of the organization includes the concept of caring its customers, staff, and communities. Given that Johnson & Johnson is a Fortune 500 corporation with thousands of product categories and activities, their willingness to treat customers, workers, and the society equally is admirable.

The statement also reveals that the organization is committed to openness and serving everyone with the deepest respect and empathy. That’s why Johnson & Johnson has become a worldwide brand, acknowledged and appreciated in all regions of the world.

The statement includes the following components:

  • Respect, togetherness and diversification

This component is used by Johnson & Johnson to unleash the value of collaborative efforts in finding long-term solutions to the world’s most comprehensive problems. Johnson & Johnson fosters a healthy atmosphere in which everyone feels valued. The company contributes to humanity’s well-being through appreciating everyone.

Undoubtedly, for more than a century, this has been the driving force behind leading-edge innovations and the development of healthcare products with far-reaching implications within this corporation. All investors at Johnson & Johnson feel valued and appreciated, which encourages them to invest more, resulting in the company’s unrivaled prosperity.=

  • Exceeding Expectation

Johnson & Johnson’s significance is not restricted to a single industry. Beyond its major areas of specialization, the organization strives to have an influence on community upliftment. Through observation of interest spreading globally, such as education sponsorship, the corporation demonstrates its limitless willingness towards contribution and care.

  • Improving the lives of people

All the efforts regarding Johnson & Johnson’s are directed toward improving people’s health-related quality of life. For example, the company has committed resources to the development of health-related products across multiple divisions. The company offers global healthcare products including baby care, oral care and skincare which help people to live a better life.

In addition, the company is a major designer of medical equipment used in surgery, vision, and orthopedics. Such products are incredibly useful in improving the health of those in need, making Johnson & Johnson an important contributor to health improvement. And at last, the company is a leading light in some of today’s most highly rated pharmaceutical products.

The Vision Statement Of Johnson & Johnson’s

The vision statement of Johnson & Johnson is “for every person to use their unique experiences and backgrounds, together – to spark solutions that create a better, healthier world.”

Analysis of Vision Statement

Johnson and Johnson’s aim are to aid people to live better and healthier lives. It is mainly a pharmaceutical and healthcare company that exists to meet one of humanity’s most basic needs regarding healthcare. Because the company plays an important role in the healthcare industry, its accountability and dependability are absolutely essential and noteworthy.

The statement comprises the following components:

  • Every person to use their unique experiences

Johnson & Johnson, a company founded by three creative brothers, evaluates the effect that each individual can have on the world. That is why it allows people with diverse skills and abilities, such as Edith Von Kuster, to contribute to its path. The company believes the collaborative power of all employees to be its greatest asset.

  • Spark solutions

The cumulative ideas of Johnson & Johnson’s workforce have enabled the firm to contribute to the discovery of various impactful products. Today, the firm is well-known for making a significant contribution to several sectors of healthcare through its inventions. These have played a positive role in the treatment of a variety of ailments.

  • Create a better, healthier world

Johnson & Johnson, as a worldwide firm, has established operations in over 60 countries throughout the world. It also advertises its products in all countries to assure that they impact everyone and offer better health.

Core Values

Johnson & Johnson’s core values contain “growth & innovation, investing in future, global diversity, citizenship and sustainability, developing diversity, and global supply base.”

Johnson & Johnson promotes these basic principles to ensure everyone’s dedication in achieving its mission and vision statements, which focus on caring for humankind. The most crucial factor is that the firm encourages its employees and other stakeholders to remain progressive and solve challenges through these core values.

The company accomplishes its desires by promoting creativity as well as a collaborative atmosphere. Johnson & Johnson fosters a culture of corporation and openness by accepting people with all abilities and backgrounds, and this has been the basis of its creativity.

In fact, these corporate tools including the mission, vision statements along core values have empowered the corporation to continuously develop itself and its products into a worldwide entity forever.

So, it is proved that the company is able to accomplish its desires with the help of these statements and important core values indeed.

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