An Analysis of Kroger Mission and Vision Statement

Kroger Mission and Kroger Vision Statement 2021. Check here Kroger Mission statement and vision analysis with Kroger Mission, Vision & Values.

The article will provide you with an overview of the Kroger company and its fundamental info regarding mission, vision, and core values. Just have a look:

Established by Bernard Kroger, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Kroger Corporation, or Kroger, is an American retail chain company. It is the biggest supermarket in the United States of America and also comes at the second position in the field of the general retailer, just after Walmart.

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Kroger is the company that has emblazoned its supremacy in the retail sector with its strategic planning and brand identity. Not only in America, but Kroger also ranks the fifth-largest retailer across the world and listed as the fourth largest company for having their own private employer in the United States.

Over the years, even though the tough economic situations they had confronted around the globe, the company was capable to determine its sustainability for almost a century. As per the total revenue, Kroger gets the position 23rd on the Fortune 500 rankings of being the largest corporation of the United States.

However, this business was started by Bernard Kroger in 1883, its development and stable progression made it possible to defy the forces of economics and took it to an upward trend. Such persistence has achieved over the years mainly due to the strong desire, determination, and strength mentioned in the Kroger mission and vision statements.

Kroger stores, outlets are widely spread in 35 states and the District of Columbia, with several store formats such as supermarkets, departmental stores, hypermarkets, superstores, and 170 jewelry stores. You can check also the Kroger employee portal guide feed kroger.

Kroger is maintaining 1,585 supermarket fuel centers, 35 food processing or manufacturing facilities, 225 The Little Clinic in-store medical clinics, and 2,256 pharmacies around the U.S.A.

A company’s mission statement generally defines the strategies and operations that are needed to achieve the vision or goal of the company. The vision statement provides its path or a meticulously planned level of achievement in the future.

However, Kroger’s vision statement has been responded to the improvements and changes in the business pattern over the years, the mission and vision statement have able to pursue their main component to satisfy its identity.

And the key component is the leadership that the company has developed for years in the entire retail industry. It mainly focuses on working as a dependable entity to rule over other retailers.

The mission statement of a company contains the spirituous strategic plans and operations that will help you to obtain its vision. In the case of Kroger, the mission statement represents the crucial areas where the company wants to provide most of the focus more than the other areas.

This mission allows the company to create long-term relationships with its manufacturers and customers in order to obtain its vision.

Kroger has its core values of extreme pretentiousness. These are the ideals that the company maintained to stay united for so long. Probably, these have diverted all the attention of the company to accomplish the mission and vision.

In spite of their strong opponents, the Kroger corporation intended to make it their prime priority to be the best they could be. The employees of Kroger believe in being honest, straightforward, and truthful to customers and suppliers to maintain high levels of integrity. They also honor the beliefs, cultures, and opinions of people.

Name of the company The Kroger Co.
Industries served The second-largest retailer of supermarket chain
Geographic areas served United States of America
Headquarters The downtown of Cincinnati, Ohio
Current CEO William Rodney McMullen
Revenue 12,116 crores USD in 2019

Kroger’s Mission Statement 2021

The mission statement of Kroger Co. is communal documentation that reveals the actual strategic goals, priorities, and values of Kroger. It also describes the best services and products it offers, the reason behind the existence of the company, the essential processes to achieve those aims and reach out to more customers than the rivals!

Kroger’s mission statement implies “To be a leader in the distribution and merchandising of food, pharmacy, health, and personal care items, seasonal merchandise, and related products and services.”

In this statement, Kroger purely highlights its persistent and tireless efforts to make some progressive changes in some specific areas to rule over the retailing industry. Within the statement, the organization offers a glimpse of its strategic plan and also addresses the value of its customer. The key components that are mentioned by the mission statement are below:

  • In the Mission statement, to be a leader in the distribution and merchandising of food, pharmacy, health, and personal care items actually defines the strong desire of the company to be established as the best one over the entire retailing business industry.
  • It highlights various strategic approaches and processes to acquire more target customers than its rival companies. In order to achieve the goals and serving its best, the company is able to maintain its position all over the retailing services.


  • Community Enhancement: Kroger has proved itself as an organization that finds its duties towards society as the second-most important thing among many. with its various activities that directly enhance the lives of the people within the fields of its operations.


Kroger has consistently proven that its fame and success come from the connections, it has made with its consumers when stressing towards stable growth.

In reality, the company actually organizes a range of programs that show its desire to contribute back to the community through education and conservation strategies.

  • Developing the retailing sector: Considering that retailing is the key sector that has kept Kroger alive for more than a century, its devotion to making this industry thrive is unacknowledged.

The company is regarded as a pioneer in several strategies and associated ethical values, reflected by its wellness your way strategies as well as offering products at standard pricing schemes. It provides the best rates to its consumers.

  • Transparent, real, and simple: The mission statement for Kroger is simple and easily understandable. In the case of a mission statement, it is important to be cleared and recognized by all related stakeholders of Kroger Company.
  • The mission statement of Kroger is also practical, specific, and to the point, making it capable of meeting diverse objectives and goals.
  • Motivational and inspiring: Kroger’s mission statement is motivating and that it works to inspire workers and employees to accomplish Kroger’s goals in the most possible way. The mission statement of Kroger is also inspiring which helps to develop the requirement of growth and innovation in individuals
  • Concerns about the company’s offerings: Kroger’s mission statement outlines its offerings, but ensures that this offering is consistent with the values that the business stands for. Therefore, the mission statement for Kroger describes the moral reasons through which the organization operates consistently to deliver its offering.

 Kroger’s Vision Statement 2021

The vision statement of Kroger mainly highlights the strategic plans for the future. It is required to be mentioned because it decides the future position of a company. The vision statement of Kroger is a public document that identifies the goals of Kroger to enable its managerial, strategic, as well as general decision-making processes.

Kroger’s vision statement represents “To be a leader in the distribution and merchandising of food, pharmacy, health, and personal care items, seasonal merchandise, and related products and services.”

Its main attention clearly lies in the leadership potential that the company has demonstrated when it comes to simplifying and increasing change in this field. The components that emerge from the vision statement are below.

  • To be a leader highly describes Kroger’s position in the retailing industry throughout the global space. Kroger keeps the consistency to hold its leadership role through possibly the best system of operation and payment mechanisms, along with providing the best services, the good effect of these services, and the quality attached to each.


  • Distribution and merchandising refer to the satisfaction that Kroger delivers to each of its customers. The company offers a variety of products to its customers to choose from. In reality, its diversity explains its position as one of the largest general retailers in the U.S. where the organization works systematically striving to deliver its offering.


  • Precise, short, and specific: Kroger’s declaration of vision is short and to the point. This means that lengthy dialects and dialogues have not been used by the organization to deliver its opinion and role to the public and related stakeholders.


Kroger’s vision statement expresses the meaning of the business, and its strategic future approaches to help the stakeholders realize its business strategy and business philosophy.

Kroger’s Core Values 2021

Kroger has its six core values including “Honesty, integrity, respect, diversity, safety, and Inclusion.” They work like the main pillars that have sustained this organization in accordance with its mission and vision.

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Diversity
  • Safety
  • Inclusion

Kroger has been honest and fair to its customers by emphasizing the need to do the right thing, mentioned by the first and second values.

It also strongly values the customer’s respectful treatment and the observance of their rights. Together with protecting them through the involvement of the business scheme, Kroger has built a loyal consumer that enables it one of the world’s biggest businesses.

Kroger aims to be the world’s biggest supermarket store. The business focuses on the supply of high-quality products and consumer care in this respect. The company also offers low prices for its products to increase sales and profits.

Usually, Kroger increases its productivity by integrating its powerful strategies and operations with consumer demands. The organization is now using a proactive approach to train employees in a better way to achieve access to the right quantity and level of expertise.

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