Analysis of McKesson Mission and Vision Statement

McKesson Mission And Vision Statement 2021

Let’s look into the analysis of McKesson Mission and Vision Statement 2021 in the following. How these statements work as a challenging factor for the development of the company over the years, that we will be going to focus here. so, let’s dive in!

McKesson Corporation is a pharmaceutical distributor company, based in America, offers care management tools, medical supplements, and health information technology. It was first established in 1833 and runs a wide network of 2,900 pharmacies throughout the United States.

The corporation employs over 78,000 people and supplies one-third of all pharmaceuticals used in North America.

This company has gained worldwide recognition in the health care industry, in order to provide quality products with great customer satisfaction. McKesson offers powerful network infrastructure to the health care industry and was an early adopter of innovations such as bar-code scanning for delivery, pharmaceutical automation, and RFID stickers.

McKesson was ranked eighth on the Fortune 500 list of the wealthiest companies in the United States in 2020, with $214 billion in revenue.

The secret behind its continuous development and professional growth, the company mentions the accountability of having the mission and vision statements together with the core values. These corporate tools have fueled its growth in prominence with consumers.

Let’s take a look in the below section to know more about the company:

Overview of the company – McKesson Corporation

Name of the Company McKesson Corporation
Founded In 1833; New York City, United States 
Founder McKesson

Charles Olcott

Industry Served Healthcare
Geography areas served United States, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada
Headquarters Irving, Texas, U.S.
Current CEO Brian S. Tyler
Revenue US$231.051 billion (as of 2020)
Number of employees 80,000

Significance of its Mission and Vision Statement

McKesson corporation provides class-leading services in the field of health information technology solutions and delivering medical products and medicines in the United States and outside of the U.S. The firm has gained this much of popularity only driven by its mission and vision statements.

A vision statement of a company always plans for the ideal future goals. Consider an example, the Vision statement of McKesson highlights the importance of operating its services in a well-organized manner to facilitate their customers in the most efficient way.

Whereas, the mission statement outlines the best way for achieving those desired future goals easily. Usually, it helps to define company’s prime operations towards a consistent growth. For an instance, McKesson identifies pharmaceutical strategies as the most important approaches for improving Health care treatment and profitability in the insurance sector.

Apart from these important statements, McKesson is quite mindful to the position it has retained in the health care industry for years. They believe its core values have played a significant role behind carrying this position since 1826.

Despite various market complexities, these core values helped the company to uphold its commitment and sustainability throughout the years.

The Mission statement and its true significance

McKesson mission statement is “to provide comprehensive pharmacy solutions that improve productivity, profitability and result in superior patient care and satisfaction.”

Analysis of Mission statement of McKesson

McKesson’s mission statement clearly outlines the organization’s intent, addressing the services and offering the necessary medical products to meet customers’ needs and demands.

Besides that, the mission statement outlines McKesson’s organizational priorities, the procedures the company sets to accomplish those goals, the target client segments, and the area in which the company resides.

The company is always keep focusing towards providing the best services, quality of products and care than the other pharmaceutical distributors throughout the region. And these features are reflected in their company’s mission statement.

The mission statement has the following components:

  • Providing comprehensive pharmaceutical solutions

The first element of this mission statement emphasizes the role of pharmaceutical strategies in improving healthcare quality. Its developed pharmaceutical administrating services as well as a wide variety of technical infrastructure, targeted training helps the company in meeting opioid crisis in the best way. In addition, the comprehensive pharmaceutical solutions contribute a lot to make the firm as the top player in the health care industry.

  • Improving health along with Company’s productivity, profitability

As the company is very much dedicated in providing their class-leading services and medicinal products to each consumer, that’s the indication of the company established as a global leader in the health care industry in this modern era.

  • Offer superior patient care and satisfaction

The mission statement of McKesson identifies the core areas of customer satisfaction. It explains how the company’s services and goods help to increase customer retention with its target consumers. They provide cutting-edge services to the patients with the best health care and services. They are committed fully to meet their customers’ requirement and happiness in the best possible manner

McKesson’s mission statement demonstrates the various processes and structures together with the efficient marketing strategies which encourages them to accomplish its organizational goals. Also, it is short and simple, which enables all the staff and relevant stakeholders understand it clearly.

Moreover, the mission statement of McKesson is inspiring which allows their employees and the complete workforce operating towards providing their best performance against McKesson’s target achievement. It clearly outlines its offerings through the aforementioned statement which propel the company heading towards a great level of success in reality.

The Vision Statement of the Company

McKesson vision statement is “to improve care in every setting — one product, one partner, one patient at a time.”

Analysis of Vision statement of McKesson

McKesson’s vision statement is a future business plan for this company; it stands for the actual desire of the company where McKesson wants to be in the future.

Its vision statement is a guideline that specifies McKesson’s priorities in order to promote political, managerial, and strategic decision-making processes.

McKesson’s vision statement is straightforward and relevant. It suggests that the corporation did not use complicated idioms and dialogues to convey its position to the market and related stakeholders.

The vision statement is concise and detailed. It is defining the meaning of the company as well as its strategic aspirations in order to help people to appreciate their business strategy.

The company is adamant on the strategy it believes which is very much essential in getting overall success in the healthcare sector in future. This attitude demonstrates how much it enjoys being systematic. The statement contains the following components:

  • Improve care in every setting

The first component emphasizes organization’s main purpose which is to enhance the treatment and health care services. It accomplishes this through a variety of operations, including pharmacy procurement and technological solutions etc. McKesson demonstrates its scope which is not limited to specific areas and divisions. Instead, it addresses all healthcare industries extensively and their demands in depth.

  • One product, one partner, one patient at a time

The company is not going towards to achieve immediate success, rather than they believe in the dedication of providing strategical operations towards each consumer, one product and one patient at a time. It makes the firm capable of holding its position as one of largest pharmaceutical business in the world.

Core Values of McKesson

McKesson core values comprise of “integrity, customer-first, accountability, respect, and excellence.”

These core principles demonstrate McKesson’s steadiness in operating an ideal business throughout the years. The company has sustained its progress by maintaining all of its customers, employees, and other stakeholders, driven by these principles, which it refers to as the iCare model.

  • Integrity

The workers of McKesson make choices both small and large with an awareness of what should be morally justifiable. After all, our company is dedicated to the public good as an organization itself to provide the best services towards our clients, and becoming top player in the entire the health-care sector.

  • Customer-First 

Our dedication to our consumers distinguishes us from the others. Customers continually remind us that they choose McKesson because of providing customer-focused support over the years. We keep our customers’ demands at the top of everything whatever we do, and our success is related with their happiness. McKesson’s personalized approach helps their customers to stay with this evolving health care system since its inception.

  • Accountability

McKesson believes in making personal promises to their clients, suppliers, and coworkers. They make themselves accountable for following through on their commitments. The company accept personal responsibility for the choices they make in order to provide the best possible outcome to their clients. They earn customers’ confidence by keeping their commitments. Also, the company believes in working in a team or unity.

  • Respect

McKesson likes to treat their clients, staff as well as vendors with proper respect, compassion, and modesty. McKesson fosters an atmosphere of creativity and teamwork by appreciating various styles and talents, respecting everyone’s contribution, and being open to each other’s viewpoints. It reflects the way we solve challenges for our clients.

  • Excellence

McKesson’s strive for success never ends, they continuously look for more to impress their partners and clients. The company behave with excellence and focused towards results-oriented outcome, also constantly looking for new opportunities to innovate, strengthen, and rigidly evaluate their growth. Customers who select McKesson, they at least know that they are selecting a market pioneer who will strive diligently to ensure quality service, safety, and reliability to offer better health to the customers and health care industry.

McKesson always tends to offer progressiveness through their business by following these core values including encouraging for innovation, teamwork, and, most importantly, respect, which is vital in keeping any organization respectable and memorable.

So, it is proved eventually that these statements and core values are strictly important to make the company one of the largest pharmaceutical provider across the world.

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