Analysis of Nintendo’s Mission and Vision Statement 2021

Nintendo Mission Statement: Whether, you are looking for the secrets behind the great achievement of the company, Nintendo Co., Ltd., then you are at the right place. We will reveal the secrets here by analyzing the mission and vision statements of this company below. You will be able to know how these corporate tools are effective in bringing consistent success for the company over the years. So, let’s go through the article!

As The Company Is Very Popular Many People Always Ask About Nintendo Mission Statement Well As Nintendo Vision Statement.

Nintendo Co., Ltd. is a Japanese multinational company, specializing in offering consumer electronic products and video games, based in Kyoto. Established in 1889, the company was formerly known as Nintendo Karuta. The organization was founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi which was originally sold handmade playing cards “hanafuda” at the initial stage. In the following years through the 60s, the company tried to invest in different businesses to achieve successful growth. Finally, they acquired legal recognition as a consumer company under the new company name, “Nintendo” and released their first video-game console, the Color TV-Game, in 1977.

It achieved worldwide popularity while launching Donkey Kong in 1981 and the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Mario Bros. in 1985.

Since that day, Nintendo has developed some of the most popular video game systems, including the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the Game Boy, Wii, and Nintendo Switch, Nintendo DS.

Visitors Also Ask:

The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Mario, Kirby, Fire Emblem, Pokémon, Animal Crossing, Star Fox, Splatoon, Super Smash Bros., Xenoblade Chronicles is only a few of the big franchises the company has produced.

Nintendo has a number of branches in Japan and overseas, as well as corporate associates including The Pokémon Company and HAL Laboratory.

It is amongst the most prosperous and influential businesses in the Japanese industry. As a result, the company and its employees have been honored with so many awards such as Game Awards, Emmy Awards for Technology and Engineering, British Academy Games Awards, and Game Developers Choice Awards.

The corporation is well-known for treating its consumers very preciously. Customers are the first priority to Nintendo, also it is shown by its mission statement and core principles, which we will look at in this article.

Company’s Background

nintendo mission statement

Name of the Company Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Industry Served Consumer Electronics and Video game Industry
Founded 23rd September, 1889
Founder of the Company Fusajiro Yamauchi
Geography areas served Worldwide
Headquarters 11-1 Kamitoba Hokodatecho, Minami-Ku, Kyoto, Japan
Brands Series of Video Games
Current CEO Shuntaro Furukawa
Revenue of the Company 1.76 lakh crores JPY
Numbers of Employee 6,547

Significant of Mission and Vision Statement Of Nintendo

Nintendo’s vision and mission statements simply exemplify the significance of an initiative that coincides with a company’s intent while developing corporate statements.

The two statements are summarized in such a way that they emphasize the priority and trust that the organization puts on its clients, as stated in the company’s objective.

The ability to combine these elements provides the firm with an emphasis that is vital for its progressive advancement, and Nintendo has benefitted immensely from this already, as shown by the company’s exponential transformation from a modest startup to a global enterprise in over a century.

Because of the clarity of its mission and vision statement, Nintendo is now one of the largest multinational companies in the consumer electronics and video game industries.

A strategic mission statement essentially serves as a guide for the company’s desired future.

Nintendo’s vision statement seems to be true as the creators of the company envisioned for it such as “it would be a company that influences people’s lives and leaves an impression by developing worthwhile social experiences”.

As a result, the priority of the company has always been on how it will impact its consumers’ social lives. On the other side, a corporate mission statement outlines the effective strategies that an organization can take to fulfill its vision.

Nintendo is concerned with its image, as shown by the core values suggested in the corporate profile. The principles are the pillars that shape and motivate the Nintendo community, and they are synonymous with the company’s success along with the mission and vision statements.

So, let’s take a closer look at the analysis of these corporate tools below:

The Mission Statement Of Nintendo

Nintendo’s mission statement is “we believe it is essential not only to provide products of the highest quality but to treat every customer with attention, consideration, and respect.”

Analysis of the Mission Statement Of Nintendo 

The mission statement clearly outlines two aspects of this company such as offering high-quality products and services with honoring each and every customer of the company. As respect is an important element of the Japanese culture, so it’s no surprise that it is specially mentioned in Nintendo’s mission statement.

The company always prefers the significance of providing unforgettable experiences to its clients. The following elements are related to Nintendo’s mission statement:

  • Provide products of the highest quality

Nintendo is a company that has shown its entire capability to continually remaining at the top of the industry for more than a century, and it has accomplished its dream by never compromising with the product quality and efficiency. The organization understands that the quality of the product that it delivers to its clients, as well as how it manages them during conversations, is extremely important. However, it matters most as it will decide the future of the company.

That’s why Nintendo’s aim is to offer high-quality products to their clients and building high customer satisfaction. The company is always ready to fulfill its customers’ demands with the finest experts and it has made the company popular in the international video game industry. For example, The Nintendo Switch does not offer a processing powerhouse like the Xbox One, but it does have a high-quality and special experience.

  • Treat every customer with attention, consideration, and respect

It is the prime reason for Nintendo’s gigantic, increasing, and devoted fan base. Consumers understand that the company exists behind its products and has exceptional customer support.

The corporation strongly emphasizes the importance of its customers and offering them quality goods and outstanding customer experiences. As a result, it is committed to satisfying all of its customers’ demands and expectations regarding the particular segments.

  • Improvement of Communities

As an electronic game developer company, Nintendo understands the effect of these products on consumers’ lives. If all safety controls are not followed by the company, then it can be harmful to the users. That’s why to improve their service and for the wellbeing of their users, Nintendo has a scheme. It helps to ensure consumer’s safety by providing adequate information while using the products of the company.

Besides that, the organization has a recycling campaign that prohibits the disposal of discarded electronic devices into the atmosphere. In this way, it removes cities from e-waste, which may cause serious harm. 

The Vision Statement Of Nintendo

Nintendo Corporation lacks a well-defined vision statement. However, its experience and Sustainability demonstrate that the firm was founded with the aim of bringing about a positive impact in the lives of its customers.

As a consequence, the vision statement could be “Putting Smiles on Everyone’s Face who are connected with Nintendo.”

Analysis of the Vision Statement Of Nintendo

The statement expresses the general effect that the organization wishes to have on the communities in which it exists, based on both its products and its better serve customers. This vision statement has the following features:

  • Putting Smiles on Everyone’s Face

This factor distinguishes Nintendo as a corporation that does not consider money-making as the first priority. Instead, Nintendo has fostered a philosophy that has resulted in a business that prioritizes the experiences of its users and the ecosystem first.

In addition, Nintendo’s operations are structured in such a way that they promote only pleasures, which makes people happier. To be honest, this is without a doubt the driving force behind Nintendo’s enduring popularity in the market.

  • Who is connected with Nintendo 

Nintendo is an organization that respects all of its people. Here both interests and their expectations are prioritized at all times, including providing better products and services to their customers. At Nintendo, staff and partners are handled with the same respect as the consumers. In reality, the organization did its best to provide its workers with the absolute best environment and personal growth potential.

Core Values

Nintendo’s Core Values include “flexibility, uniqueness, sincerity, and honesty” To be honest that Nintendo has one of the most enriched communities that care for both its customers and its employees. The company’s concern relates to how it manages the ecosystem and its investors.

Essentially, Nintendo’s highly recognized reputation derives from the company’s extremely important core values.

Nintendo’s core values include not just the company’s position, but also each individual employee. Its potential to be “flexible” enables Nintendo to welcome fresh concepts while remaining committed to providing exciting and innovative or “unique” experiences to their users.

“Sincerity and honesty” are two fundamental principles that are specifically expressed in Nintendo’s product advertising and marketing. Unlike the market, revenue reports, revenue figures, and other facets of the industry, Nintendo does not manipulate in order to increase sales or create buzz.

Nintendo was already criticized in the past for not dealing head-on with other firms such as Sony. However, their fundamental beliefs do not require competitiveness and instead promote individuality. That is what distinguishes Nintendo from all others in the market, although with its own distinctive fan base and specialty.

So, hereby it is evidenced that the company is guided through its mission and vision statements together with the core values highly, which make the company, Nintendo, one the greatest consumer electronics and video game making company in the world.

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