SpaceX Mission & Vision Statement Analysis 2021

Here we are going to discuss the Mission and Vision Statement of the American Aerospace manufacturer company, SpaceX. It became so popular and well-known through its mission and vision statement, that we are going to perceive it here. So, dig in!

SpaceX is undoubtedly one of the most influential American Aerospace manufacturer and space transportation companies whose mission and vision statements are about development and innovation.

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The authority of the company specially mentioned these strategies to elaborate about the firm.

The CEO has shown how real the company plays its persuasive role in the mechanical speciality and the future of humanity.

The company already launched Falcon Heavy launch vehicles, Falcon 9, rocket engines, crew spacecraft, Dragon Cargo and Starlink satellites.

Yes! Starlink satellite is developed by the company SpaceX. It is a large internet satellite sequence and became the biggest satellite constellation in the world in January 2020.

Also, they are designing a super heavy-fit launch system, Starship, funded by private corporates for interplanetary spaceflight. It will be also used as a primary SpaceX orbital vehicle after operated perfectly.

Overview of the Company:

SpaceX is an American aerospace manufacturing company that designs, manufactures and launches rockets and spacecraft with advanced technology. On 6th May 2002, the company was first founded by Elon Musk and since that time, they are serving their customers completely. It is headquartered in Hawthorne, California.

The main purpose of this Aerospace manufacturer company was to minimize the space transportation cost and enhance the flexibility of access to space.

The mission statement’s definition reflects how the organisation seeks to achieve its significance felt by every person that communicates with it.

It mainly intends to focus on life past earth through all well-organized and pictured techniques.

The purpose is very clear and well-discussed of the SpaceX mission and vision statement. It’s like an expected corporate statement that defines the best approaches to drive the organization by realizing the objectives and goals.

Although SpaceX has not described its mission statement on its website, the range of experiences and the organization’s consistent popularity reveals a great deal about its main goal.

This is an organisation that is going over and beyond to explain its effort in inspiring humanity to conquer the world. Moreover, the mission statement of SpaceX is supported by its core values and beliefs.

The company finds these, along with a forward-thinking mentality and being a bold personality, to be the main point. It will take the organization into fulfilment.

Greatly, they have played the best role in the organization’s wellness, as portrayed in its mission and vision statements.

Name of the company Space Exploration Technologies Corporation
Industries served Aerospace Manufacturer & Space Transportation services
Geographic areas served United States of America
Headquarters Hawthorne, California, USA
Current CEO Elon Musk
Revenue 200 crores USD

The mission statement of SpaceX

The mission statement of SpaceX defines “The Company was founded in 2002 to revolutionize space technology, with the ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets.”

Analysis of the Mission Statement

The mission statement of SpaceX explains why the organisation actually exists. In reality, it further demonstrates the major impact that SpaceX aspires to have on humanity after all is said and done. The components that emerge from the mission statement are in the following:

        Improvement of the lives:

SpaceX is interested in the development of new natural surroundings for humans. When a need arises, it looks beyond what is available to the opportunities out there in the space for individuals. Even this mission generally requires massive resources along with expiation for the labour force.

         Remarkable Desires:

Unlike the most benefit-oriented organizations, SpaceX is associated with bringing about a change in space exploration through creativity.

For instance, take a look at the plans and strategies is evidence of having enough investments of the majority of the employees to think about the superlative plans for space investigation.

         Revolutionary space innovation:

Although space innovation had been around for a long time, there had been few major advances before the arrival of SpaceX. With its consistent contribution to the field since 2002, SpaceX has shown that it is a stable and reliable development.

What is good about the mission statement:

Elon Musk, the CEO and founder of SpaceX still set lofty goals. Musk opens up the opportunity with this optimistic goal of empowering humans to survive on other planets. Genuinely revolutionary thinking about space exploration and travel. SpaceX has also made some important milestones such as launching, returning, and vertically landing a rocket.

But the company has seen so many failures before and after this attempt, however, it wasn’t able to stop them to get success. Always Failure is not the negative one that ruined your life. Sometimes, it encourages you to get success. The same happens in the case of SpaceX. For this clear mission statement, SpaceX has become the global leader in modern space exploration.

Vision Statement of SpaceX

SpaceX’s vision statement is, “to advance the future.” (However not an official one)

Analysis of Vision Statement

In any case, this is not the official mission document, but rather an assumed one based on the organization’s vital destinations and formative trend. Mainly, the vision statement here declares the important future goals and plans of the organization. It generally highlights the authority position adopted by the company SpaceX. The essential components defined by this vision statement is SpaceX are as follows:


SpaceX’s primary function is to create advanced and cutting-edge space plans. As a famous space innovative organization in the world, it has rivals like state-possessed companies out there to compete with them. Because of the optimism, it has ingrained in mankind, SpaceX has offered to rise to unprecedented heights, making it a well-liked company in the modern world.

Inspiring everyone for the outcome:

SpaceX fulfils the segment of its inferred vision articulation by directing all of its systems towards exploring the strategies to encourage people to live on other planets. As the ultimate goal of SpaceX is “to advance the future”.

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