Subway Mission and Vision Statement 2021 (An Analysis)

Subway Mission Statement: So, let’s begin the analysis of Subway Mission and vision statements 2021. How these statements work like the backbone of this renowned restaurant, which we will be knowing from this article. Subway, also familiar with Doctor’s Associates Inc., is a popular fast-food restaurant chain based in America. Usually, it offers delicious submarine sandwiches, pizzas, wraps, paninis, beverages, salads, baked products like cookies, muffins, doughnuts as the key food products for their customers.

The story of Subway got started with the name of “Pete’s Super Submarines” in 1965 when Fred Deluca, the founder of Subway decided to open a restaurant at only 17 years of old. He lent money from his friend Peter Buck to start “Pete’s Super Submarines” in Bridgeport, Connecticut and they became a business partners.

People Always Ask About Subway Mission Statement And Subway Vision Statement So We’re Going To Discuss These Topics Today.

After two years, the restaurant changed its name to Subway and started a franchise operation in 1974 with another restaurant opened in Wallingford, Connecticut. It has now developed into an international franchise.

Subway offers a variety of topping options, allowing customers to choose which toppings they like on their sandwiches. Subway presents its customers with a customized option in case of choosing toppings.

The previous Subway motto, “Eat Fresh,” was used to emphasize the fresh ingredients used in their sandwiches.

It is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing restaurant chains, with 41,512 stores in more than 100 countries as of October 2019. Most of the stores are located (23,928 or 57.6%) in the United States only.

It is now the world’s leading single-brand restaurant chain and the biggest restaurant operator. Its international headquarters for the restaurants and franchises are located in Milford, Connecticut.

They provide their special food product “submarine sandwiches” with fresh ingredients at reasonable prices aided the brand’s rapid growth.

The strategies of this business are simple and straightforward. The company always follows its business approaches guided by its corporate statements.

Name of the Company Subway (aka Doctor’s Associates Inc.)
Formerly known as Pete’s Super Submarines (1965–1968)
Founded         August 28, 1965

Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S.

Founders Fred DeLuca, Peter Buck
Industry Served Restaurants (Especially Fast food)
Geography areas served Worldwide
Number of Stores 41,600
Headquarters Milford, Connecticut, U.S.
Current CEO John Chidsey
Revenue 1,040 crores USD

Overview of the company

subway mission and vision statement

The founder of the company, Fred DeLuca borrowed $1,000 from his friend Peter Buck in 1965 to open “Pete’s Super Submarines” in Bridgeport, Connecticut. After the establishment of the company, they became good business partners.

In the next year, they founded Doctor’s Associates Inc. to manage restaurant operations as the franchise grew. The name of the parent company comes from DeLuca’s ambition of earning enough money from the firm to pay for medical school fees, as well as Buck’s doctorate in physics.

But in 1968, the shop was renamed “Subway “and the franchise operation started with a restaurant in Wallingford, Connecticut. They started to expand their franchise business all over the world and in 2007, it crossed the number of McDonald’s locations within U.S. Walmart stores.

Subway was consistently ranking in the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 since 2007. In 2015, it was ranked third on the list of “Top Global Franchises” and first on the list of “Fastest-Growing Franchises.”

Subway overtook McDonald’s as the world’s biggest fast-food chain at the end of 2010, with 33,749 locations. In 2016, the company closed number of shops inside the U.S for experiencing a great loss in the business.

Subway came up with the new idea and launched renovated restaurant called “Fresh Forward” in July 2017, along with a new business logo. They want to draw more customers by offering additional features with their delicious foods.

USB docking ports at tables; self-order kiosks; and new menu items such as extra condiments and gluten-free bread are among the features.

In January 2018, Subway spent $25 million in a re-branding campaign aimed to draw the attention of young consumers in order to revitalize its name and increase revenue.

In December 2020, Subway has collaborated with ezCater to launch a new online catering app. The company embraced huge progress over the world after its inception, however so many ups and downs were there in their path of success.

But they sticked with their corporate statements to achieve their vision and get a positive outcome as a result.

Significance of introducing the Mission and Vision Statements

The mission, vision statement and principles of Subway, fast-food restaurants prioritize fresh ingredients for preparing tempting sandwiches and promotes customer loyalty, resulting in an outstanding Subway experience for people.

The American sandwich restaurant company mainly popular for its exceptional servings that are not often available in other restaurants. The firm has successfully positioned itself in the global market through its best marketing strategies and a rare branding style.

In addition, the mission and vision statements of Subway is a reflection of its genericity that makes it a global restaurant fast-food chain among many. Now it is one of the fastest recorded growing restaurants over 50 years.

A corporate vision statement suggests what an organization wants to achieve, whereas a mission statement focuses on the activities that will help the company to get there.

In case of Subway, its vision is to reevaluate restaurants into a destination where everyone feels at “home,” while its mission statement is all about becoming a healthy and popular restaurant on a global scale.

Most significantly, Subway’s mission and vision statements work hand by hand with the core values that directs company’s overall activities sincerely.

Subway’s Mission Statement

Subway’s mission statement is “to be the world’s favorite destination for discovering great value and unique selection.”

Analysis of Subway’s Mission Statement

The corporate mission statement describes that they aspire to become a favorite destination and delightful service provider to their customers that they want to share with their friends and family about their services.

They are dedicated about customer satisfaction and welcoming new customers to let them try a sandwich at their nearest location.

It is also shown here that they are committed to provide foods at a great value through fresh and customized way along with an excellent experience.

The statement has following components:

  • World’s favorite destination

The first component talks about the dream of the restaurant to become one of the favorite restaurants in the world where people can feel most of their homes. Not only best foods are provided here, also trained staff are available who are always devoted for the sake of their customers.  Also, it assures ingredient quality of its food as well as the service offered with each transaction.

  • Healthy Food

The second component highlights about the fresh food they offer to their customers. Subway encourages a practice that facilitates nutritional value and hygiene for its food products over quantity. The corporation perceives this approach as a significant business plan that would make Subway a favorite of everyone.

  • Affordable prices

The most important feature of this statement is providing the fresh and branded food product across the globe at a great value. Subway sells all of its salads and submarine sandwiches at the cheapest and most appealing prices to assure that they are not only inexpensive but also provides quality food to their consumers with a sense of considering nutrition. It is a value assurance that implies that their brand has more value for money than the competition.

  • Unique selection

This component directly talks about their customer’s expectation when they are hungry and visit the Subway. Here you will get a wide variety of mouthwatering sandwiches and preferences to select from.

Subway’s Vision Statement

Subway’s vision statement defines “be the #1 Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) franchise in the world, while delivering fresh, delicious sandwiches and an exceptional experience.”

Analysis of Subway’s Vision Statement

Subway fast-food restaurants have a broader vision, which inspires its multinational restaurant activities.

The mission and vision statements are correlated with each other. The vision statement is closely connected to their stated mission. The main differences are the inclusion of becoming the world’s top franchise and the omission of the made-to-order stipulation.

It has the following features:

  • #1 QSR in the world

Subway has the desire to become the largest fast-food restaurant over the world who will maintain a standard activity always in providing the best food to their consumers. Not only in the local areas, but also, they want to become the top growing fast-food restaurant chain globally. The company promotes this effort by assuring their customers only providing the best dishes at a reliable price.

  • Fresh, delicious sandwiches and an exceptional experience

Subway wants to promote their company at the higher level by offering customer-specific products in the most efficient manner and with a unique experience. They are now more focused in providing creativity for their brand. They opened up new outlets where this custom-specific features enable them to make menu-based sandwiches that are just as tasty and fresh as a custom order.

For providing an individualized service and unique experience to their customers, the company doesn’t count time and labor that they are considering. They offer a standardized, rotating menu that feels personalized to each customer. It is the best approach that can reduce the overall costs for franchises and helps consumers to get valuable products at a great value.

Core Values

Subway core values are “family, teamwork, and opportunity.” The values encouraged by Subway drives it towards the establishment of its mission and vision statements.

  • Family – The company believes to strengthen their corporate relationships by supporting or helping each other, like the consumers and communities. When each and everyone will be treated as a family member, then the company can easily achieve their vision with a positive impact.
  • Teamwork –Teamwork is a crucial value that can unite different experiences together and drive them towards a shared goal with accountability and responsibility. The company believes that in this way they can achieve more than they expect.
  • Opportunity – The company offers an entrepreneurial spirit with the ever-growing SUBWAY® community. It is the best opportunity for everyone while engaging with their franchisee.

It is clear that Subway got this massive success by developing the teamwork and corporate culture in the company. It allows this organization to seize any chance that comes its way.

Subway maintains a favorable atmosphere for production and progress by following these core values.

Subway developed into one of the world’s largest franchises by adhering to its mission and vision statements. The company believes that adhering to these core values would help it maintain its position as a market leader in the quick-service industry.

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