Taco Bell Mission and Vision Statement

What Taco Bell Mission statement and Taco Bell Vision statement of 2021 declares is described in the following. Just have a look at the entire article.

Taco Bell, the American first food restaurant chain, was established by Glen Bell in 1962 and the first location where it was opened in Downey, C.A. Now it is owned by Yum! Brands. Yum! Brands also the owner of other popular brands like KFC and Pizza Hut.

Taco Bell first started serving hot dogs in the San Bernardino area and over time, they have the desire to spread the amazing Mexican food out of the state. Within two years, Glen Bell sold his first franchise.

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In 1967, Bell became the owner of 100 restaurants with outside opening services. Now Taco Bell has more than 6000 restaurants across the U.S.A. It’s all because of the mission and vision statement of Taco Bell.

This thing makes the company becomes one of the industry’s most dynamic competitors. Glen Bell followed his personal mission along with philosophies about people, food, and business that led to Taco Bell’s early success.

There is a quote from Glen Bell on the company’s website that states “You create the person you become.”

A company’s popularity in the fast-food industry relies on a number of considerations, one of which is the quality of the products and services provided by the company always comes first.

Marketing their brand comes second. Taco Bell is very much concerned about its services and product quality.

These are the elements that the mission and vision of Taco Bell consider. In particular, the ability to differentiate itself from corporate statements makes Taco Bell expand so rapidly in almost 60 years into a multi-billion company since its establishment.

A vision statement of a company describes the achievements an organization aims to achieve in the future, whereas a taco bell mission statement emphasizes the approaches and techniques that would be best to fulfill the desire of this future into realization.


Name of the company Taco Bell- Fast Food Restaurant Company
Industries served Fast Food
Geographic areas served Worldwide
Headquarters California, U.S.
Current CEO Mark King
Revenue $1.45 billion from $1.34 billion


Taco Bell’s Mission Statement

Taco Bell’s mission statement is optimistic and effective towards its consumers. The mission statement shows its complete dedication to provide well service to the customers and suppliers of the best product.

The mission statement of Taco Bell mainly defines “We take pride in making the best Mexican style fast food providing fast, friendly, & accurate service”.

We are the employer of choice offering team members opportunities for growth, advancement, & rewarding careers in a fun, safe working environment. We are accountable for profitability in everything we do, providing our shareholders with value growth.”

The taco bell mission statement clearly notifies that the company makes a great effort to achieve customer satisfaction along with the services that fulfill the requirements of other stakeholders.

The company also declares that they would like to be the employer of each community and they are focusing more on the actionable profitability for achieving success.

In Taco Bell’s mission statement, some significant phrases are crucial for exploring and understanding. They are in the following:

  • “Best Mexican-style fast-food” clearly declare their best menu for their customers. However, you will be surprised some times with traditional items like French fries.

Taco Bell introduces a cultural twist to their food products by adding cheese sauce, spices, or other ingredients. The company knows how to focus and which are the main priorities to achieve success in the field of the food industry.

They don’t believe in accomplishing everything in an average way, instead, they want to do only one thing as the best one among all.

  • “Take pride” represents a willingness to deliver high-quality services with every customer interaction.
  • “First, friendly and accurate service” expresses the commitment to stay productive and profitable by receiving a customer’s order correct on the first attempt.
  • Improving health condition by offering the best food is another important phase of this mission statement. Taco Bell easily understands the indivisible bond between health and food. That’s why the company maintains this thing very seriously in their brand.

To make this element successful, The American-based fast-food restaurant has elevated its standard of food preparation, services in the fast-food sector. In reality, the freshness and nutritious richness of the food items, it offers to their customers are excellent to the standards associated with this service.

The health and satisfaction of the customers always come first to Taco Bell. They never compromise with the food quality to maintain the good health of their customers. This quality is one of the important aspects that have made the fast-food restaurant a choice for many worldwide customers.

  • Strengthening communities specifies disseminating its influence over the people. Taco Bell identifies the best to achieve by implementing innovative ideas that make a big difference in society.

The company finds a sense of satisfaction to strengthen the community by relating to the future of tomorrow. For example, one of the ideas that Taco Bell Foundation uses to enhance communities is it strongly focuses its supports, resources and attention to empower youths of the society.

The standards considered in the mission statement indicate the expansion of their brand as a popular one across the world. Taco Bell is not only concerned about the growth of their business, but it also supports a charitable foundation that mainly works on the welfare of youth.

They have introduced a Live Más Scholarship program that comes from charitable work, empowers students to be entrepreneurs and innovators.

Taco Bell Vision Statement 2021

The vision statement of Taco Bell emphasizes the developmental path of its brand and the projected authority the company wants to have on the fast-food industry across the globe.

For the taco bell mission statement, Taco Bell inclines on the determination of the restaurant to distinguish itself from the other players through quality and product specialization.

Taco Bell’s vision statement implies “to grow into the largest fast-food provider of Mexican style cuisine in emerging markets.”

The statement clearly demonstrates how the company’s ventures are growing with the overall growth to dominate the fast-food industry.

Not just locally in the U.S, but also it has a global impact upon the industry. The statement describes the following features:

  1. Becoming the largest fast-food provider

Taco Bell is surely not happy with its success as becoming a famous fast-food restaurant across the world. The company maintains a strategy to grow itself from both sides in size and worth.

The company wants to spread its brand not only in the fast-food sector but also they want to become the number 1 food provider across the Globe. Taco Bell always follows a few other fast-food restaurants that are their competitors.

They always target to improve the Mexican-style dishes that they offer their customers. Taco Bell has generated a scope where they observe these product qualities far better to impress more audiences.

In addition, the historical realities are the witness that how the company has grown quickly over time. It is also a sign to understand that it has a lot of growth potential to take the company to the top of the mountain.

  1. Dominating Emerging Fast-food Industry

In the vision statement, Taco Bell specially mentions becoming a global corporation. The company aims to promote more outlets all over the country to encourage more global users to experience the unique and remarkable products and services it offers.

Through the elaborate international franchise opportunities makes the company capable to achieve this desire so rapidly.

This goal is strongly encouraged by the initiatives, highlights in the mission statement of the company. Particularly, for the shareholders and investors of Taco Bell company.

Taco Bell highly desires to grow quickly and sustainably. The Franchisees has to commit to providing a specific branding quality to the consumers to become a part of the branding.

For this reason, the company took six years to reach the east of the Mississippi River.

Also, the franchise opportunities of the company make the cuisine affordable and easily accessible around the world. This policy decreases the expense of the company while helping small business owners around the world.

Core Values of Taco Bells 2021

Taco Bell also feels confident in having the most significant and effective core values that help itself to encourage a strong Taco Bell culture.

The existence of these core values explicitly contributes to Taco Bell’s overall ability to meet its declarations of mission and vision statements.

Taco Bell is now ideally placed in a winning place in the fast-food industry through the smooth interaction of all three, mission, vision, and core values.

Taco Bell’s core values define “quality first, customer-loyalty, honesty, and teamwork.”

These are the valuable principles that Taco Bell needs to support in its decision-making processes and cultivate a culture that is responsible for developing growth sustainably.

The most important element specified in Taco Bell’s core values is making high-quality products and leave its customers satisfied with the pleasurable experience.

Taco Bell understands that not only good food is the secret behind success.

They also support the importance of exceptional services for the customers, which determines its progressive growth, especially while entering the new markets.

This also refers to the company’s need for integrity and trustworthiness, notably in the case of strategizing and pricing.

Finally, the credibility produced by the core values and the importance it puts on all the individuals ranging from its managers, consumers, partners, and the world at large, Taco Bell has succeeded to achieve the desired results completely.

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